Wednesday, September 17, 2008

in this installment, james needs a power adapter.

I have only 26 minutes before my computer goes kaput, so unfortunately there's no video now.

Last night was an adventure. Which is what I signed up for, it's just that adventures are very tiring.

While my flights and connections to Korea were incredibly simple and error-free, and customs/baggage claim/currency conversion at Inchion airport was also glitchless, I had a great feeling, even though Matthew's first words in his email to me were "I don't know where I live."

Apparently, neither do all the taxi drivers in Korea. I know this for a fact because, whilt driving in circles trying to find the address that Matt typed out for me in Korean, my driver stopped an asked all his fellow drivers where he was going ... when this failed he resorted to asking random people until a woman and her school daughter helped us. They got Matthew on the phone, rolling their eyes when they heard him speak English, and managed to decipher where he was.

All this started because my bus driver let me off at a dark corner that did not seem to be one of his normal stops.

to Matthew's credit, the address he gave me was directly off a business card ... so I have no idea what happened.

All I know is I found Matthew and got to eat "Kimchi" (SP) and walnut ice cream and didn't have to sleep in the street.

Today should be fun, walking around town and trying to find a power adapter for this computer. Hopefully I will and can post some footage!

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