Wednesday, December 31, 2008

in this installment, james posts a video about his mountain-climbing boss.

My boss climbs mountains and makes YouTube videos about it. What does YOUR boss do?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

in this installment, james kills christians with a machine gun.

Worst. Movie. Ever.

But check out the stud that appears at time code 3:50.

My favorite memory from working on this horrible film as a 1st A.D. was when the director as adamant that some local kids in the far background were "too young, they wouldn't be on Earth after the 'rapture.'"

This attempt a theological (in?)accuracy forced me to sprint across a not-quite-dry river bed while shouting over my shoulder, "fine, but I'm am amillenialist, so you owe me!"

Ah, eschatology humor.

My second favorite moment while filming was when the writer/director's wife walked on the location and found that the city's attempts to divert the flooding river from washing out public roads was actually flooding our future set. She began to pay out lout that God would "stop the hands of the devil." Which basically means, we prayed that the Lord would destroy public property so that their crappy movie could be made.

This is why I love Hollywood so much.