Tuesday, September 30, 2008

in this installment, james freaks out.

Unlucky for me, the only English-speaking TV station is CNN.

To everyone in the States, we're praying. I hope everyone is thus far unaffected, but I'm sure the real repercussions won't show up immediately.

I wrote a whole blog about living in a commune on the Burnson's property, but erased it because it was more scary than funny.

Who knows, this could all be smoke, and likely overblown in our minds. But I'm sure there was a similar reaction in 1929.

God bless all of you, and to a lot of the folks that read this blog who all are friends and see each other semi-regularly, I'd like to say that in the very near future you all may be called to depend on each other in ways we're not used to. Assuming things get as bad as the media seems to think they can. If anyone needs anything, let's not be afraid to ask. I'm not sure what I can or could do, but I include myself in there as well.

Here's to hoping I'll look back at this blog post and laugh.


KathyB. said...

Don't worry James, you and yours can live here and we have enough sheep to feed us for awhile ! Shhh, don't tell the sheep they will be called upon to offer themselves to sustain us.

Really, I hope we remember God is not a God of fear, and I was wondering, in the U.S. the Koreans seem to be predominantly Christian, is that what you are observing there ? KathyB.

jr said...

I forgot you're up to all hours of the night/morning!

The main religion in Korea is Christianity. Red neon crosses adorn most of the buildings!

Whether they're legit or not is the question. When the asked Matthew what church he attended and he said "none"they told him he was unsaved. And when he asked to go to theirs they got uncomfortable and said, ├┐ou can't, it's in Korean."