Saturday, September 27, 2008

in this installment, james gets an offer he can refuse


Right off the plane you're handed a pamphlet that reads SEX WITH A CHILD IS A CRIME.

It makes me wonder, if someone needs reminded, is this really going to stop them?

The streets are third world-glorious, rotting garbage in random corners, parked motorbikes spill into the street and force you to walk in traffic, and most corners are dotted with beggars and peddlers ... of which, one make offered me a blow job.

Now, I find this disconcerting. Not that I was offered sex on the most infamously sexual land mass on the plant, but that I was only offered once. By a dude.

Is it simply neurosis to wonder why this is the case? Cause it sucks, for ego alone.

So far the heat has gone from unbearable to strangely lovable. I think it's like an abusive spouse: it pounds you into submission until you believe you love it. On my first day I took three cold showers ... today I took two, so that's an improvement.

I also got a look at the parts of Siem Reap that are NOT on the main drag ... shanties on rickety poles above the river, peddling strange meats and jewelry. It was here that Matthew promptly turned towards the side of the street and vomited water ... scared us for a bit, but seems it wasn't food, just didn't drink enough water to prepare for the heat. It really is impossible to describe unless you've been here.

Anyway, he's fine now. We ate and drank (enormous entrees $2, a half liter of beer $2, so I eat for about $10!) and feel much better. We also slept away the heat of the afternoon, so God help us on the temple climbs tomorrow!

Miss you all - the strangest part of all this (the Thailand stretch, anyway) will be not sharing it with anyone. If anyone wants to go, I'll be glad to come back here, so far it's pure, filthy magic!


Anonymous said...

Would it have helped your ego at all if the offer would have set you back more than the entree?

Glad to hear Matthew's feeling better. Dehydration?

I wish I could just turn the lights off here and head over to meet up with you guys. I finally have all this free time and I fill it up with a play and being broke. Silly girl...

Rebecca said...

*raises hand* i'll go.