Wednesday, October 1, 2008

in this installment, james chats with brits over the sound of chanting buddhists

Up at 6am for breakfast and conversation with some other guest house patrons: a chatty South Korean, quiet Brazilian, and beauty-pageant qualifying couple from Sweden. The Korean was in the final two weeks of a seven month tour of the world, the Swedish couple was two weeks into a 9 month tour of the world. Great folks.

On the way out I noticed that the grizzled Australian that is ALWAYS drinking iced coffee at the same table every night and morning was climbing into a truck for a local demining company (Cambodia is still littered with land mines and it's unwise to tread off the beaten path).

I'm hoping to strike up conversation one of these mornings and maybe volunteer some time in exchange for a great story!

The temples are astounding. Ankgor Wat is tourist crowded, of course, but the grounds are so large it's easy to spread out. Bayon is much, much more awesome because you can climb over every nook and cranny! Matthew almost fell, it was awesome.

Time for cold water. More later!


Anonymous said...

Cold water? Matthew almost falling? Yippee-ki-yay, James! I'm officially raging with jealousy. ;)

I really am, you know. If you're not getting good pictures of all of this I swear I will throttle you. And I probably won't be the only one lining up to do so.

Wow. I assume pretty freely here that you've surrounded yourself by fairly hostile people. What the heck is *my* problem??

So didja ever meet up with that Australian fellow?

Anonymous said...

So, after talking with Matthew's sibling and sibling- in-law ... we've decided that you and Matthew are creating a sequel to the movie 'Pure Luck'. You get to be Glover, Matthew get's to be 'Short'. Just remember, in the end, Short get's the girl. =)
~ A. Pablo

kettlecorn said...

This is kettlecorn lady aka Sarah Carman's mom. Let it be known, should you choose to follow through with your take your life into your own hands...Let the fun begin....