Friday, October 10, 2008

in this installment, james almost faints in the jungle.

Ok, so I wanted to get to a more secluded place to do some writing, swimming, etc. And there was this place listed in Lonely Planet that sounded good, but the number was out of service, so the only way I could get there was to hike across the center of the island, about four miles, 1,000 foot elevation at the peak, 95 degree weather, through the jungle, on a road about four feet wide lined with coconut shells to keep it from washing away completely during the rains.

I almost passed out, twice.

Finally, after an hour I peaked, then saw ocean through the trees on the other side. I quickly decended to sea level and rounded a corner and ... I'm not even joking, this place looks ripped out of a Pirates movie ... bungalows botted on the hillside, linked with intricate criss-crossed stairs, some wood, some cement. And all lining a private cove.

I made my way down to the water and found the restaurant and office ... on a patio that ENDS at the water. I ordered food and drink and relexed before my walk back ... but not before securing a room for two weeks.

Within 200 metes of the restaurant there is cliff jumping, trail hiking, and snorkeling in a shark pool.

I'm not even joking. It's so amazing ... and for, get this, $6/a night!

The boat picks me up in an hour. Thing is ... no internet for two weeks. So this is going to be my last blog for a while!

There's a chance I'll make it back over to this side in a week or so,but if not, expect be on the interweb around the 26th or so.


Anonymous said...

Sounds incredible! And $6/day? Dude- I'd *live* there...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a dream vacation!
By the way, how's the beard coming along? Hmmm ... I'm picturing you wandering out of the jungle, pale, worn out and with a shaggy beard. Do you also have a soccer ball named Wilson?
~ A. Pablo

Sheridan said...

Amazing. Sounds like Alex Garland's The Beach.

Wait, how did that turn out again?